Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Coming To PlayStation Consoles

We’re just shy of a fortnight away from E3 2014 with dozens of new titles and announcements already creeping out of the woodwork. Among these is the latest teaser from EA, likely to put a smile on the face of PlayStation fans.

The image below is clearly another one of PopCap’s PvZ parodies, this time paying homage to PlayStation master thief, Sly Cooper.


slyshooterReading between the lines, EA’s latest update suggests that Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is finally on its way to PlayStation formats.

The game launched earlier this year for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. EA have yet to make an official announcement though PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4 editions of the well-received online shooter seem plausible.

Source: EA Official Twitter



  1. I knew it ^^ Now, let’s just wait for Sunset Overdrive for PS :P

  2. It’s a great little game, really enjoyable, well structured, well designed, well priced. It deserves more credit.

  3. I was really tempted by this the other week on 360, but I barely ever play on my Xbox so thought it’d be a waste. A version on PS4 would be great!

  4. Didn’t they wait until reviews were out for this and then put the microtransactions in afterwards? Not a trend I’m keen to support.

    • Ooooh, you sound cynical today, Sir. I’m sure that wasn’t their plan, they surely wouldn’t stoop to such light-nefarious practices. Surely… [cough]Plants Vs Zombies 2 micro-transactions [cough]

      • Indeed, I’ll be voting with my wallet. No doubt EA will decide if it does badly that it’s down to people being bored with the IP rather than their poor customer service and ridiculous money grabbing schemes. .

  5. The game of the year edition is available as a free download for Mac or PC but runs out today:

    • It’s free to download and keep, you will own the game as long as you download it today :)

  6. Got to love those timed exclusives..

    Money money moneyyy. Moooooonnneyyyyy.

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