PlayStation Store Update: 28/05/14 – Ace Combat Infinity, Lemmings Touch And MIND≒0

Well hello there, your regular store update host, Teflon, is off today so it falls to me to write about all the exciting goodies that Sony want you to buy from their massively overpriced online marketplace, the first of which is is quite literally, a load of arse.



For just 99 pence you can own a badly drawn lady bum, furnished with bikini bottoms made out of a flag. I presume this is something to do with the World Cup, but might be some sort of flag/arse fetish I don’t know about.

Watch Dogs was released on Monday for £59.99 on PS4 or £54.99 on PS3, or £44 for PS4 from Amazon if you don’t mind the inconvenience of waiting a day and having it on – urgh – a disc! PS4 gamers can also pick up Puddle for £5.99 and Worms Battlegrounds  for £19.99 when it hits this store on Friday.

PlayStation 3 owners get a new free-to-play title today in the shape of Ace Combat Infinity which takes place in a near-future alternate universe Earth, where 20% of the surface has been destroyed by asteroids. Raiden IV: Overkill and Resident Evil Code Veronica X will also be available if you fancy some retro gaming.

PS Vita gamers can pick up Lemmings Touch, the first Lemmings game that has been designed specifically for PS Vita, for €9.99/£7.99.

Treasures of Montezuma: Arena is free to play but has in-app purchases but the big game of the week is Borderlands 2 which is out this Friday for a the very tempting price of £19.99/€24.99/AU$32.95. It’s a bumper week for Vita owners as MIND≒0 is also new if you have £23.99 laying about.

On the DLC front there is a load of Watch Dogs content, a rather lovely Rainha de Bateria Samba costume for Little Big Planet and some free DLC for Conception II on PS Vita.

More prices/links/details as they filter through.



  1. Surely those arses are a mistake :S

  2. What’s this shenanigans they’re trying to pull with Puddle on the PS4? Should have another PS4 game for free, because it’s cross-buy with the Vita version.

    Except it doesn’t work that way. Buy PS4 version, get Vita version in the bundle. Buy Vita version, and you don’t get the PS4 version? And strangely the Vita version has vanished from the store too.

    So you could buy the PS4 version and get both, or buy the Vita version ages ago and then have to buy the bundle to still have access to the Vita version?

    (And yes, it could still be in the download list, but with no search facility there, it could take about 3 months to find the bloody thing)

  3. Watch Dogs:

    UK PSN £59.99
    UK Amazon £44
    US PSN £35-ish (buy US credit from Amazon US)

    Good old UK

    • UK price doesn’t include tax. So fail..

      • US price even. UK price includes it. Still why let inaccuracies get in the way of a good rant.

      • 3 things

        1) That’s hardly a rant
        ii) If we add UK VAT to US PSN price we end up with about £43, still a long way short of UK PSN price of £59.99
        c) No one is forcing you to save money by sidestepping the horrendous UK PSN price, it was a tip that anyone can use if they wish,or not, it’s up to them
        IV) Thanks for the aggressive response, I’ll avoid helping you save money in future & will be sure to append a footnote that they’re not for attention of gamerbuff

      • @ cc_star

        I’ve literally just got back from the states yesterday morning after spending 10 days there……. would you like me to tell you what was cheaper to purchase over there compared to the UK?

        EVERYTHING, every single thing I spent money on was cheaper than it costs in the UK.

        Matter of fact I’ve been to the states 10 times in about 7 years now, I don’t think some people understand different economy’s.

        Yes £60 digitally is expensive, Do I care.. no as I had it delivered via prime from amazon.

    • Fully agree with you with regard to the download prices, they’re nuts.
      But, I actually keep ordering games from the UK, as they are usually cheaper than in Switzerland. And, as long as they are below about £40, I don’t pay any taxes. That’s why I currently struggle with higher PS4 game prices…

  4. Please can someone who gets it tell me if Lemmings is any good. I adored it back on my ST all those years ago but £8 is a bit of a stretch unless I’m guaranteed some quality “oh no” action. Thanks!

  5. Ah bikini bottoms with flags, for the nationalistic misogynists we all must be after the recent election results.

  6. Those avatars are mind-boggling. What madman came up with that idea, and which moron approved it?? If the media caught wind of it, there would be a storm…

    • Yes because sexism doesnt got at all with football.

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