CEX Has Begun To Sell Xbox Ones Without The Kinect Sensor

Microsoft has officially confirmed a Kinectless Xbox One will be released after E3, but UK second hand retailer CEX has started to sell the Xbox One without the peripheral already. The company has actually stopped selling the bundle containing the bits of hardware together, with the Kinect 2 sensor being sold for £20. This low price was justified due to the lack of Kinectless Xbox Ones available to purchase, and due to how many are now in the company after splitting the package.

The Kinectless Xbox One has a range of prices with a Boxed, aka mint condition, one retailing for £340 while a discounted One will cost as little as £315. It could be worth picking up now because we don’t know how much Microsoft will be setting the RRP for the Kinect 2, with the price surely to be confirmed at E3. I do doubt it will be below £20 though, with my own guess around the £40 to £50 mark.

Source: Internal CEX email



  1. and apparently they give you give £8 trade in for one, thats ridiculous. im suprised its come this really

    • edit: or £5 cash

    • Bargain. They’ll give you £8 for your One? Wish I’d bought one so I could get that £8 :D

  2. I was sceptical about the one until my brother picked one up this week.

    While the install times are horrendous enough to make the PS3 look fast by comparison, the machine itself is a nice bit of kit.

    Visually it looks similar to what I’ve seen on my ps4 and Titanfall is way better than I expected it to be.

    Still think I made the right console choice for me, but can see me picking an xbone up once my finances allow it.

  3. I sold my kinect to GAME last week for £45! Pretty rare for Game to give a better price than Cex, let alone by such a huge difference.

    • My local GAME (and my previous one too) always beat CEX by £1. They usually check their site and see what’s being offered for what you’re selling.
      These days I also get up the CEX site myself in my phone and tell them that they’re doing it for whatever price so they know I’m not a mug.
      That said, buying used games is great at CEX coz they’re always that couple of quid cheaper.

      • And who can resist buying 5 or more PS2/XBox games for a tenner? I can’t.

        Need more shelves!

      • I have Cex and Gametronics right next door to each other here in Lincoln which makes it very convenient if there’s a big queue in one (usually Cex). Yeah they also do the price match + £1 here, you just have to be prepared to be standing around for a while if you’re trading in a lot of games.

  4. So……

    Clearly NOT better with Kinect….

    Sorry MS, but you could’nt sell Kinect to me as a 360 owner (but in fairness as a PS3 owner nor could Sony sell me Move or Eyetoy, but they did’nt sell me the damn camera on PS2 either) and it just put me off from day 1, for Xbox One as soon as i heard it was included as standard.

    It’s been a brave but foolish experiment and unlike say the 360 HD DVD Drive which i waited till i could get for £20 new, i won’t be buying a Kinect on 360, nor do i have any plans to buy 1 if/when i get an Xbox One.

    I will however be watching closely to see how developers respond to the potential of extra ‘power’ being freed up from the Xbox One and what it requires of the owners, i expect some form of Firmware update before anything can be unlocked.

    I’m old school, you’ll sell the hardware (and this applies to both Sony and MS) on the games i cannot get anywhere else, not the gimmicks that go with them.

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