Edge Online, CVG, OPSM, OXM And OXN Websites To Close

MCV report that the websites for Official PlayStation, Official Xbox and Official Nintendo magazines are to shut along with CVG and Edge Online.

“The streamlining of our consumer strategy – with an increased focus on the consumer technology market and a clear channel-neutral approach – allows for a simplification and standardisation of our digital advertising platforms and opportunities,” said Zillah Byng-Maddick, CEO of Future.


“Where appropriate we will also look to rationalise brand activity online in areas where consumers are less interested in our brands but discover and value our content that reaches them through the strength of our search engine optimisation.”

170 jobs are to go in the UK and all remaining games titles will relocate to its Bath office, our thoughts are with the talented writers at Future.

Source: MCV



  1. I have read some business-jargon bullshit in my time but that is VERY impressive. Utter, utter twattery of the highest order.

    • Indeed thats an impressive amount of jargon. I’d respect them a bit more if they just said “its not making enough money so we’re shutting it down”

    • I agree totally. Unfortunately in my line of work (an IT company) I see examples of the above nonsense several times a day. I see emails announcing a new service or collaboration and I have absolutely no idea what they’re trying to say. Most of the time I read the first two lines and then give up.

    • Very impressive! The guy should be a politician surely…..

    • bet he uses this for his staff


    • Laughed out loud at that comment as I use that phrase ‘utter twattery’ quite often when feeling generous during TV talent shows, especially when jugglers or magicians turn up!

      • Not forgetting Ventriloquist’s….anyone that sticks their hand up a puppets arse needs to re-assess matters!

  2. I love Edge, and get the magazine every month, but I have to say that their website has always been terrible for news, but great for industry job listings…

  3. They really don’t need all the websites. Single website which concentrates on news and cream of articles/reviews from mags. One for each publication was craziness.

  4. At least with the likes of OPM and Edge it sounds like the physical magazine will still exist, but terrible news that the CVG website will be shutting down. Hoping all the staff that will be effected can find jobs soon.

  5. Is a shame for all those who are going to lose there jobs. I do like CVG. I like their review round up most of all. Sad for all involved.

  6. CVG is closing… Where will all the trolls go?

    • Well it seems one has appeared here! ;)

  7. I’m just sorry to hear of yet more job losses within the industry.

    Reflecting on the state of print media just for a moment, i used to be an avid magazine subscriber, but this year alone have cancelled my sub to:OXM, OPM and Retro Gamer Magazine, purely because i can get the content for free from numerous websites.

    Retro Gamer Magazine for example would never quote it’s circulation figures, which set alarm bells ringing for myself and recently i saw a freelancer post a figure on a certain website and IF they are true, i wonder just how long it will survive, espically if claims it’s publishers are asking the readership if they are prepared to pay more for a digital copy, than the physical copy at newstands/via subscription.

    C+VG website from what i’ve seen/read and know of a few posters who were banned and turned up on forums i used to visit, had a reputation for trolls, not every poster of course, but enough to warrant the rep.and news headlines geared towards site traffic.

    Edge used to do fantastic Making Of…articles, in depth look at games, years before likes of Gamestm/RetroGamer covered them, yet what are served up now are wafer thin compared to Edge at it’s finest.

    Future Publishing had something of a reputation of it’s own, with Ex-Staffers claiming a connection between Future and Rockstar…you scratch my bag (give our games a 9/10 at least at review) and we’ll scratch yours.. (you want exclusive preview material, cover art etc, it’s yours…).

    Think phrase used by said ex-staffer was ‘bent as a strawberry float’….

    Digitisers Mr Biffo used to have a superb monthly column in EDGE, until he made certain comments regarding Future publishing, that was the last of him appearing….

    This reads like classic cost-cutting by the bean counters, 1st shut down the websites, then start looking for more cost cuttings else where.Sure i read somewhere this year was 1st time? gaming magazines have opted out of having ABC circulation figures published, so things must be bad….

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