Podcast: Episode 144 – Godzilla, Eve and Wolfenstein

We’re absolutely jam packed full of chat on this week’s podcast, with Peter, Lewis, Kev and myself all there for this week’s recording. While we may have not had a huge amount to talk about in the way of news, we didn’t let that stop us, with Peter talking at length about his experiences with Wolfenstein: The New Order and his time in space playing EVE Online, while Lewis shared his thoughts on new Sky Atlantic show Penny Dreadful.

Then there’s Kev, who’s been making his gaming more social with Sportsfriends. It seems that his family decided to get physical when playing J.S. Joust, one of the minigames combined within Sportsfriends, which is as it should be. On top of that, Kev’s also seen Godzilla, a film that I also managed to get myself to the cinema for. Our talk of giant monsters somehow spilled into a general discussion of the film industry in general, and whether things need to change or not.

Finally, things are wrapped up by our normal quiz before answering your questions.

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  1. i would have liked to have seen some more of Godzilla during the day, as it was, pretty much every time we see him, it’s pissing with rain or it’s night time so you never get a real clear look.

    though having watched the original 54 Godzilla movie it does match that pretty well, in that you rarely see him, and it’s nearly always at night.

    hopefully for the sequel they can forego the slow build up and glimpses of Godzilla and they can just show us the fights more clearly.

    there was one scene where they made the cgi almost look like guys in suits, well, not really look like it, but it felt like it.
    a combination of the way they were moving and the camera angle and the look, just reminded me so much of the man in suit Japanese versions.

    doesn’t the Clone Wars TV series count as canon though?
    i’m pretty sure that’s still considered part of the Official canon now so that would mean Darth Maul is still alive, assuming he survived that series.

  2. I almost spit my coffe on my desk , at the start of the podcast :P

    Loved the Steam Machine joke. LOL. So dry.

    Well, I would like to go to a cinema to see the show for free. Excellent idea. For the several last years I was watching the E3 at home with a friend of mine. We disscuss thing on the go, play some games between conferences. It’s fun ^^

    I would say: Battlepayday: The heist. Not interested. Looks like a mod for BF4, not a proper new game. I WANT BAD COMPANY 3.

    You guys got me interested in the series Penny Dreadful. I just watched the trailer and looks good, so I imagine I will pick it up sometime soon. Thanks.

    EVE Online is just to massive for me. I have so many little games to play on my PS3, PSV or even PS2, that I cannot imagine jumping in into such a enormous world like the one from EVE. Peter don’t gooooo, noooooooooooooo! Stay with us at the PlayStation side of the world! ;)

    Thanks again for answering my questions (“HAHA, very funny” Lewis and Kev :P ) and congrats on another great podcast ^^ Enjoyed it as always.

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