Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Will Be Conquering Both PS4 & PS3

Tecmo Koei has announced via Famitsu that Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is in development for PS4 and PS3, though currently only a Japanese release for this year has been confirmed. There will be two demos available to play prior to release called Edit and Cooperative. The first is likely to showcase how you can edit everything from your soldiers to your flags, and horses, while the second will probably look at co-op action.

There will also be enhanced Strategems and large scale ones where you can command other commanders if you outrank them. You’ll be able to marry characters and have children with them. Famitsu are also running a poll on which character fans would like to see included in the game, with options being Xun Yu, Cheng Pu, Lu Kang, Gao Shun, Wang Ping, and Zhuge Jin. Only one of these will make it to the final cut of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires.


It’s likely Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will get localised for western release following Dynasty Warriors 8: Extreme Legends Complete Edition for PS4.

Source: Gematsu