The Last Of Us Remastered Will Probably Not Be Released Next Week

It looks like one of Sony’s E3 surprises has leaked out, The Last of Us Remastered will be heading to PlayStation 4 in just ten days’ time if a promotional poster from GAME Barnsley is to be believed.


Every other retailer has the game dated later in the year as a firm release date has never been mentioned by either Sony or Naughty Dog. I suspect the game reveal was going to be part of the Sony E3 presentation but GAME Barnsley seem to have spoiled that.

UPDATE: “Apologizes everyone about #TheLastOfUs Release Date!#MissPrint #OverEagerStaffMember We will update you when we get an official date sorry!” tweet GAME.

“As we’ve announced, The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 will release this summer. An official release date, though, has not yet been announced for the game. The release date is not June 13th. We will keep you posted on an official release date,” added Sony.

UDPATE 2: Naughty Dog game director Bruce Straley has just tweeted.

I think GAME may have been slapped on the wrist by Sony and told to say it was a misprint and Remastered is out next week. Maybe.

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  1. Too soon, but only in my opinion.

    Just got around to starting the campaign again with the Grounded DLC so now I’m in two minds whether to soldier on or wait.

    Hopefully Sony will open the doors for PS3 owners to upgrade.

    • That’s my hope, I’ve only played a few hours of my digital copy so I’ve waited to see if there’s an offer for those that already own it.

  2. Seems like Game in Barnsley can’t spell the month of June correctly.

    • LOL LOL LOL. It’s the abbreviation just like Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec….
      See how that works?

  3. That’s a shame. I’m not a fan of leaks. I prefer to be surprised at e3.

  4. If this is true then its good news as simply games still have this listed as September release.

    • Is June not summer then??

      I am shocked & dismayed! ;)

      • If its out before the 21st then no..summer solstice this year is June the 21st..I have it preordred through tesco will take a peek at my order.

      • But June 21st would be right in the middle of summer, what with it being the longest day and all that. Summer started at the end of March, when the clocks went forward to British Summer Time (other countries may have different systems, obviously).

        So summer this year runs from March 30 until October 26. Spring may officially have started on March 21 and lasted a whole 8 days.

        Of course, by that logic, autumn is a myth.

      • Except March, April and May are Spring anyway.
        Dec, Jan, Feb (Winter)
        Mar, Apr, May (Spring)
        Jun, Jul, Aug (Summer)
        Sept, Oct, Nov (Autumn)

      • Dividing the year into 4 equal chunks like that is one definition of the 4 seasons. If you’re a meteorologist. But what do they know?

        But that’s stupid because it leads to 2 months and between 1 and 7 days (the end of March) being “spring” when we’re on British Summer Time. The clue’s in the name there. It’s summer, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

        I stand by my theories that spring is a very short season in late March, autumn is a myth and meteorology is (a) hard to spell, and (b) an excuse to use expensive and powerful computers to justify wild guessing as to what the weather might be.

  5. Probably a simple error.

    • Its a promotional poster, so probably not.

      • True, but this is game we are talking about!! ;)

  6. PortStation4.

    • Hahaha that’s so funny. I’d make up a funny name for the XBOX ONE but it’s already so hilarious.

    • What about WeeU amirite guys? lol it sounds like wee wee

  7. GAME…

  8. Hell to the yeah. Time to get watchdogs locked and clocked so I can relive the greatest game of last gen.

    Naughty Gods… We salute you!!!

  9. Never played the PS3 version (fan too noisy on my old phat ’60GB’).

    Never read a review, avoided all spoilers, know almost nothing about this game, other than it’s a day one purchase.

    • That’s pretty darn impressive! You won’t regret it :)

      • Thanks! The wait is nearly over, hopefully. I would have felt pretty dumb if they’d decided not to port it over!

    • I’m in the same boat. Same with gta5. Have a ps plus back log of about 80 games so can wait for a ps4 release.

      • I got a little way into GTA5, but gave up early on. The fan noise on my PS3 was making any dialogue-heavy games really hard to enjoy.

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