Defiance Now Free-To-Play

Trion World’s sci-fi MMO shooter, Defiance, is now free-to-play on PC. The RIFT developer has also confirmed that both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will also go F2P on July 15th.


Defiance originally launched last April alongside a television series which enjoyed a successful run of 13 episodes. With season 2 due to air later this month on SyFy, Trion’s recent shake-up is no coincidence. Nor is the promise of new missions themed around one of the show’s characters.

Since launch, there has been continual cross-overs between the video game and its TV counterpart with plenty of cameos and other attempts to create synergy.

Of course, as with any free-to-play game, there will be premium options available to dedicated players. Those who pick up a retail or digital copy of the game will be entitled to perks including 1,000 Arkforge (in-game currency) and 30 days of member status along with four character slots.


In our review we praised Defiance and its unique approach to open-world online gameplay. Even for those who play MMOs on the regular basis, the game offered something new and refreshing with its own array of weapon and unique progression system.

Despite being let down by underwhelming visuals and the occasional glitch, Defiance still has a moderate following, developer Trion having supported the game with numerous DLC releases.

Those interested should also check out our feature series, Defiance Dissected, in which we looked at both the game and TV series over the period of six weeks.



  1. Sweet, I’ll give it go

  2. Hmm, if it came to PS4 would be interested. Played the beta quite a lot and it was fun.

  3. Well I’ll give it a go for the grand price of nothing – though it’s releasing on my birthday so it may have a bit of competition!

  4. I like the show and thought the beta was ok, I’ll probably give this a go I think.

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