Terraria Is Digging Itself Towards The PS4 & Xbox One

It has been announced via the official Terraria website that the 2D action adventure sandbox title will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year, with the PS4 version being a cross-play and cross-save title. The PS4 version will also be shown off to the lucky lot at E3 behind closed doors. The release will include all the content from the 1.2 update as well as additional features, though what those are have not yet been revealed.

There will be some peaks at the build next week apparently, and more information will be revealed soon after. Terraria can be quite the addictive title, ranging from building shelters, digging for resources and fighting/running away from monsters. It may look like an innocent game but the fear of being away from your shelter at night is very real. There’s no details on whether this will be Cross-Buy though, so if you don’t have it yet and want it on PS4 it may be an idea to wait until that is confirmed, if it will be at all.

Source: Terraria Online


  1. I tried the demo on PS3 but didn’t find it as easy to get into as Minecraft. I often see people saying Terraria is the better game though so i might give it another go if there’s a demo on PS4.

    • I really enjoyed this game. From what I’ve heard it has more RPG elements than minecraft

  2. Although I haven’t played it in a while, Terraria is a really addictive wee game. Hopefully it’ll end up being cross-buy as I’ve already bought it twice.

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