Gunship X Will Be Raining Down The Fire On Vita Later This Year

Gunship X has been unveiled for Vita bringing some top down shooting action as humanity tries to fend off an invading army of bugs. The game has been developed by four people located in California and The Netherlands, with the team consisting of two artists and two engineers. Their inspirations for Gunship X were Starship Troopers and the AC 130 level from Modern Warfare.


The AC 130 and the Ac 17 are the confirmed planes present in the game, but a third has also been teased. There are four battlegrounds with 30 levels spread between them, with the majority of those being completable within five minutes, due to how quickly the action moves. As you complete missions you’ll gain the chance to unlock upgrades for your plane and the weapons aboard it.

No release date or price has yet been confirmed.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looks fun, it does remind you of Starship Troopers.

  2. I’ve had something exactly like this on iPad but with Zombies instead of bugs it might actually be called GunshipZ.

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