To The Moon With The First Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trailer

Borderlands: The Interquel clearly wasn’t an interesting enough name, so here we have the first trailer Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which is set between the first and second Borderlands games.


Well, that’s a bit like one of those amateurish montages, isn’t it? I assume that’s the point, and it actually works quite well. The dance bit in the middle is quite brilliant.

It takes the “bazillion guns” concept and steps it up a notch, so much so that they can’t actually decide a word for how many guns there are now. There’s also low gravity-based mechanics, which makes for slow but high jumping, new vehicles, and new monsters, which can be seen throughout the trailer.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will launch for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on the 17th of October. There’s still no word on a version for the new generation of consoles.

Source: YouTube



  1. Video doesn’t work for me…

    • Betweenquel video works alright on my laptop. I’m sticking with betweenquel and hoping betweenquel hoping it catches on with repetition. Betweenquel.

      • Betweenquel you and me, I think betweenquel will catch on.

      • Haha, thanks! So you’re enjoying Borderlands on the Vita then?

      • Yeah, it’s pretty decent mate. The fact you can’t sprint can be annoying when walking from A-B over a long distance, but it’s a cool game to have on the Vita!

  2. Thought it was quite a decent trailer.

    Feel guilty for skipping BL2 but I’m one of these gamers who can’t jump into a sequel without beating the original.

    May buck the trend and grab it for Vita at some point, mind you.

  3. Really wish this was coming out on PS4, guess I’ll be missing this one then

  4. No sound on my video? Might just be my phone being weird.

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