Don’t Starve: Giants Edition Will Be Stomping On To Vita

Klei Entertainment has announced that Don’t Starve is coming to Vita in the shape of a Giants Edition, which will include the base game, with all current updates found in the PS4 and PC versions,  as well as the Reign Of Giants DLC.  There is no release date yet set in stone. The updates included multi levelled caves, and an Adventure Mode that ups the stakes by completely randomly generated worlds are put in front of you to conquer.


The Reign Of Giants DLC includes a whole host of new challenges to survive against, included additional weather changes from torrential downpours to very warm days. Sounds a bit like the weather round here  during one day if I’m honest. There are also new monsters to protect yourself from, and then the giants that tower over all. New resources will also be salvageable. There are two new characters who are Wigfried the actress, and the young boy Webber who happens to live in the corpse of a giant spider.

The Vita version of Don’t Starve will be using the touch controls to easier navigate the menus.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Hopefully it’s cross play then we’ll get in free on vita with last months PS+

  2. Easily one of the worst PS+ games on PS4 so far, and it’s had some real competition for that honour.

    I’m very surprised that it’s making the jump to Vita as I would have thought that a large proportion of of Vita owners would also have a PS4.

    • I really enjoyed it. As I have most of the ps4 games from plus

    • Really? I thought it was a really clever game and enjoyed it a lot. Give me some online co-op and this could be one of my fav games so far.

    • Brilliant game on both PS4 and PC.

      Really looking forward to it on Vita too.

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