Monster Hunter 4 Coming West In 2015

Capcom’s power-selling franchise will return to the West in 2015 with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. Much like last year’s instalment, Ultimate is a revision of the core game, bringing aboard new creatures, quests, and areas to explore.

Other key changes to the existing formula include two new weapon classes as well as advanced movement when in combat. No doubt inspired by Capcom RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, in Monster Hunter 4, players can climb beasts and even ride them, a firs in the series.


It’s also good to see that, after many painstaking years, a handheld Monster Hunter title will have proper online play. It’s a feature that fans have pined for since the series debut almost a decade ago.

Still, there are other sections of the Monster Hunter fanbase who still need to be appeased. Despite putting the series on the map, PlayStation hunters have been left in the cold, thrown the occasional scrap as Capcom continues to wine and dine Nintendo. As you can probably tell, we’re not bitter at all.



  1. Im not even into RPG’s but would love to buy this to try this series out , why release it on bloody Nintendo and not on the big boys . Oh well , their loss .

    • Sony was the one that kept Capcom from bringing it to the west on the PS3 last gen by denying a special system update the game needed to play online, while Nintendo was willing to help them with marketing and distribution in overseas markets.

      And 360 had a port of the Online MMO version but that barely helped the system in Japan where sales of the series is strongest so it probably seems pointless to develop something unique for it.

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