Rollers Of The Realm Is A Pinball Puzzle RPG Rolling Its Way To PS4, Vita & PC

Atlus has announced that it is bringing Phantom Compass’ Rollers Of The Realm is coming to PS4, Vita and PC, with the game itself combining the regular pinball game with that of an RPG. It seems like quite a strange mash up but looking at the trailer above I can see how it will work, kind of. Appears that you control characters, advance through tables while taking out enemies and then get to upgrade your character when successful. The upgrades themselves will apply to the ball you use.

There’s a whole story involved about a land that is under some kind of tyranny, and it is up to your band of characters to take this evil down with the power of pinball. It looks rather fun and has definitely got my attention for now, and hopefully it will be a decent challenge. There doesn’t appear to be a release date yet.

Source: Atlus


  1. Reminds me of Magic Ball, which was one of my favourite PSN games. Shame I’m not into pinball games.

  2. I hope Sony have something more exciting in their E3 line up this week.

    • Oh, and another thing, the lady delivering the lines for the 1st character in the above video could do with elocution lessons. Terrible pronunciation. Almost as bad as the woman on the Argos adverts who says “Argos i'” at the end.

      • i think she’s supposed to be a medieval peasant type, and the way she talks would fit a character like that.

      • Sounds like Josie Long

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