Destiny Is The First Game To Be Better Without Kinect

Xbox top dog Phil Spencer has said that the Xbox One version of Bungie’s forthcoming shooter, Destiny, will get a resolution boost thanks to the June update which allowed developers an extra 10% of GPU power if they did not use Kinect.

“Our friends at Bungie, and I’ve been spending a lot of time down there, they’re going to pick up the June SDK update for Destiny, and they’re going to up the resolution of Destiny based on this change,” said Phil.

Insomniac will also be making use of the GPU boost in their game, Sunset Overdrive, and will use the additional power to “make a more vibrant and alive gameplay space.”

That seems rather more significant as Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive so we would expect it to use every feature of the console – including Kinect – to showcase just what the console can do.

Source: OXB



  1. The death of kinect came quickly….

    • I suppose it might have lasted longer if there wasn’t such a gap between xbone and PS4 sales.

      Still, the way MS handled (and continues to handle) this generations release means I’m never going to get an xbone. And I usually end up getting all the consoles at some point.

  2. Whats was the resolution due to be on Xbone?

    • 1080p, just been announced tonight.

  3. Everything is better without kinect. Hope this trend becomes the norm.

  4. Upped from 720 to 792 I take it? Or 900p max.

    • If I can count properly, that extra 10% power allow you to go from 720p to 755p.

      792 would be an extra 10% vertically. You want 10% more pixels in total. So assuming you want the same 16:9 ratio, 792 would be 1408×792. Which is 21% more pixels than 1280×720.

      755 gives you 9.96% more pixels. 756 gives you 10.25% more which is more than this magical 10% they’re claiming.

      That’s just assuming you want to keep the same quality and just have more pixels from that extra power.

      Going from 900p to 1080p needs 44% more power.

      Which all seems to suggest that 10% extra isn’t really going to do a huge amount. Certainly won’t lead to any increase in resolution. Maybe things can look nicer at the same resolution though. A little bit nicer anyway.

      • Errrr… Yep, you just took the words out of my mouth.
        Cheers dude, saves me having to explain it to everyone. ;)

      • It’s just been announced that it will run at 1080p. Sorry :-)

  5. But I thought the Kinect was vital for, erm, harnessing the mighty power of the clouds? And looking like an arse trying to control the tv? And making your console sound better because it costs more and so must be better because reasons.

    • That was true until scientists discovered a new truth, a bit like when the Earth was found to be a sphere, and now the marketing executives have the opportunity to pounce on this discover by emblazoning the Destiny box with ‘Better Without Kinect’. We live in exciting times.

    • The voice control is really good actually.

      • So good mines been turned off for months.Honestly where else on earth would anyone buy an electrical item that only worked 4 out of 5 times(being very generous here).

  6. All they need to do now is lose that ridiculous HDMI trough (really, an extra box to watch tv) as I use CI+ modules only and drop the price some more and I’ll start seeing the XBONE as a serious option.

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