Flyhunter Origins Landing On Vita

The humble platform game’s resurgence is clearly in full swing. If you’ve been paying attention, they never truly went away, but in the past twelve months there have been a number of examples of exceptional quality within the genre such as Rayman Legends and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Indie start-up Steel Wool Games is looking to ride this new wave of platformers with their debut game Flyhunter Origins, but given the number of platform games appearing perhaps you’re wondering “why should I care?”.  The simple answer is when it’s being made by a team led by animators who’ve worked on a number of Pixar classics including Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3.


Flyhunter 1

Steel Wool Games have approached the title with the simple mantra “this has to be fun to play” and as a foundation that’s relatively solid.  Andrew Dayton, one of the company’s co-founders, readily admits though that when starting the game they knew what they were good at and what they lacked experience in.

As such, they had to research and study the genre to ensure that they had a full grasp on how they were going to build their own game.  Luckily, one of the company’s other co-founders, Joshua Qualtieri, had his own company Zombiesmith which creates rules for table-top games, bringing a solid understanding of game mechanics to the project.

Flyhunter 2

Dayton states that their aim was “to first and foremost create a fun gaming experience and pepper it with the qualities that were part of our pedigree. Fun, compelling story, great animation performances, a character that you learn to care about and some really pretty visuals”. Given the projects that they’ve worked on in the past, and the promise and humour shown in the teaser trailer, Flyhunter Origins looks set to be a game well worth keeping an eye on.

Source: PS Blog




  1. Looks a bit weak to be honest, some seriously amazing games coming to the Vita soon, so can’t see myself getting this.

  2. A 3D animator making a 2D platformer doesn’t sound like the most exciting prospect but the character looks cute enough. Will have to wait and see.

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