Mirror’s Edge 2 Remains Faithful To The Original, New Gameplay Shown

Mirror’s Edge 2 is a very faithful sequel, in that it focuses on Faith, the protagonist: how she moves, her physicality and freedom of movement, and most importantly, her running and parkour skills.

It’s very focused on parkour movement, and EA have worked closely with parkour artists to refine the exploration and traversal aspects of the game. Obviously, this leads into many different approaches, as shown in the new conceptual gameplay video, which can be shown below.


The combat is all about Faith’s efficiency – she is a projectile, and used as such. That means you won’t be seeing lazy use of guns as in the first game, which should lead to more tactical approaches to encounters.

Naturally, the style remains clean, with solid white environments and red to guide, with Faith being a stark opposite of the conformist society she runs and fights in.



  1. you can get eye tattoos now? O_O

    wouldn’t a contact lens be easier?
    gotta be less painful.

    anyway, i still can’t plain the first one without feeling really sick, so sadly i will probably have to miss out on this one.

  2. Is it just me or is it remaining so faithful to the first game that it looks just like the first game?…….

    • I thought the same.

      • I was expecting something to really make me go, WOW!!! But it’s just looking like its going to be a tweaked version of the original.

  3. I actually hope it stays very much like the first game, as I loved that.
    So far, looks very promising.
    The biggest threat I see is they dumb it down to make it easy enough for reviewers to give them good scores (not talking of TSA here… ;o). The first one’s been criticised mainly for being too hard, and for not being a shooter.

  4. I have exactly the same reservations about this as I had about the first game.

    Running along a wall is cool. Running towards a wall, then parallel to it with the camera tilted at 45 degrees is not.

    There is not enough peripheral awareness to make it obvious that you are doing the parkour moves and makes it look bland to me.

    • This would be perfect for project Morpheus!

  5. Nice, more of the same would be ideal, although I do think the view angle needs to be a wee bit bigger. Also, Faith looks hotter now, which is good. And another also, Lego Mirrors Edge, that’d be interesting, right?

  6. First game was superb! Most refreshing and original game I’d played for ages at the time. Amusingly (don’t think I read the manual) it was about half way through the game when I realised you could pick up / use the guns the enemies dropped. To be honest though even when I realised this i didn’t use them. Too much fun sliding into them and outrunning them.

    More of the same suits me just fine thanks!

  7. Hands down the best game on the PS3 and so glad they have stuck to the games “look” and feel…ME fans just want more of the same and looks like we are getting it…my most treasured 100% and Platinum (Boy was that DLC hard)…

    • I know how you feel, this title made my hands hurt on my way to platinum… :o) Absolutely loved it, still know some of those speedruns by heart… ;o)

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