25 Free To Play Titles Confirmed For PS4, More Than 100 Games In Development For Vita

Free to play games are going to be a large part of this console generation, perhaps for all generations that follow, and Sony committed itself to that cause by confirming that 25 of those games will be releasing on the PS4 over the coming months. While a full list wasn’t confirmed there were some names dropped. We already knew about Loadout and Planetside 2, while War Thunder is mentioned in the trailer as it isn’t out in North American yet.

New confirmations include Fat Princess: Piece Of Cake, Kingdom Under Fire II, Reaper, PAIN, Onigiri, My Singing Monster and BigFest. Outside of those free to play games the company also confirmed over 100 games are in development for the Vita, but only mentioned ones we already knew about. There wasn’t much mention of Vita software at all during the presentation which is a bit of shame considering how good some of its offerings are.

Source: Sony E3 Conference/Youtube


  1. I can’t help feel that the Vita should have its own spotlight in the following week. Dev diaries and new trailers/interviews/etc., which help support and augment Sony’s showing of upcoming PS4 greatness during E3 itself.

    It means that everyone knows what will happen and also prevents people having to cram like buggery for E3 itself. So many of the individual interviews/diaries/etc. could be filmed in the weeks preceding a Vita Spotlight event of its own.

  2. I’m with mike. The Vita could definitely do with some more exposure as it’s been neglected up till now imo.

  3. 100 games for the Vita is quite good, but also somehow surprising. Given this is such a fine piece of hardware it hurts looking at sales numbers of software for it. Especially for expensive games, I wonder how developers can expect a return on the investment. Of course, I’m glad they do and keep games coming.

  4. Do you need PS+ to play F2P games on PS4?

  5. 100 games for vita, probably all indies unfortunately, when are they going to announce some AAA titles for it, there is literally nothing coming up for it as far as i can see.

    I want uncharted, cod, pro evo, the AAA titles that were promised when i bought my vita.

  6. I thought most of these F2P are on the PS3 not the PS4?

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