Devil’s Third To Be Wii U Exclusive

During IGN’s post show for today’s Nintendo Direct, the IGN crew were joined by Valhalla Game’s Tomonobu Itagaki, the man who previously headed up Team Ninja, the studio behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. He was there to discuss Devil’s Third, Valhalla’s first game.

If you’re not familliar with Devil’s Third, it was originally revealed way back at E3 2010 as a THQ published title. Obviously, with THQ being no more, the game’s future has been in some doubt, but Itagaki today announced that the game is still coming, and will be a Wii U exclusive.

The game seems to mix third person shooter elements with melee combat, and clearly draws from Itagaki’s history with the Ninja Gaiden series. As for its narrative, it seems to look at the nature of modern warfare and terrorism, as well as our reliance on satellite communications, although apparently it’ll mix all that with some mutant powered characters.

During the IGN post show Itagaki also showed off the game’s multi-player. While, initially, this looked like your fairly typical third person shooter multiplayer, it did draw in some weirder concepts, like trying to throw fruit into a large hopper. It was pretty… odd.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Devil’s Third soon.

Source: IGN.


  1. Devils Third…what?

    Arm? pint? leg? attempt at a world record? warning? strike?

    Or does it refer to the viewpoint? Devils…Third Person Perspective….

    • I’m hoping the DLC will be called ‘Nipple’

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