Jason Rubin Joins Oculus, Support Extends To More Games Including Alien: Isolation

Former THQ President and co-founder of Naughty Dog, Jason Rubin, has joined Oculus as the Head Of Worldwide Studios for the virtual reality headset company. It’s a massive appointment for the company, and he will be focusing on first party content for the device as the company moves forward.  Third party games will also be part of the support structure for Oculus and some new ones were confirmed today.

Alien: Isolation has been confirmed to have Oculus Rift support, which will really make the game much more scarier than it already appears to be. Other games that will support the VR headset include  Lucky’s Tale by Playful Corp, and EVE: Valkyrie.


It appears the Facebook investment is really letting Oculus to make the big decisions now.

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  1. Amazing, I feel a bit of a knob for being so cynical
    About the Facebook investment now, hopefully there’s more Oculus news to come this week!

  2. I just hope that the things like the Oculus ‘Premium’ price that they were peddling previous in the year isn’t being continued….. they certainly have a lot of talent on board, but I wonder what might happen if some of these egos collide.

    Also nothing yet regarding any actual release date or advancing their prototype with either audio or specific control. I hope that this will all work out well, and is reasonably priced.

  3. If Oculus (and Project Morpheus) get the pricing right I can see them both being big hits.

  4. I’m still cynical, VR being rolled out again, sure it’s got THE NAMES lining up now behind this and Sony’s crack, but so did the early cracks on much more limited hardware (but Atari’s Jaguar Headset actually out did Sonys PS4 headset in some key areas)…ok the MD VR headset from Sega was never really going to amount to anything, but HASBRO sinking MILLIONS into developing a home VR set up before pulling plug, Nolan Bushnell annoucing he’d be bringing a Home VR system out, nothing ever seen…Atari annoucing deal with Virtuality (and Missile Command said to work bloody well with headset)….

    I dunno, i still feel that whilst the potential is there, until tech improves to point where it’s light enough, cheap enough to mass produce and the hardware running the VR engines is powerful enough to deliver reality i want to explore…i’m going to be cynical and see this as little more than a brave 2nd attempt….

    Basically, real life holodeck/Red Dwarf ‘Better Than Life’ set up’s or i’m not convinced.


    • You’ll change your mind once you’ve tried it. I am also naturally sceptical after feeling stung by Move etc but the feeling of being “in” the game is fucking mind blowing.

    • Yes missile command VR worked great with the Jaguar, but the helmet was too heavy & pretty uncomfortable after a while too! Hopefully the new Sony VR will at least be comfortable to wear & easier to transport than the Jag VR ever was ;)

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