New PlayStation Now Details & PS4 Social Stats Shared By Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s CEO Shawn Layden has just taken the stage at E3 to talk about the PlayStation Network’s social side of things, and the numbers he quoted are quite impressive.

Since the PS4’s launch we’ve played 1.25 billion hours online, over 1 one billion multiplayer sessions, and have hit the share button on our DS4’s some 220 million times – crazy stuff.

With social being such an important part of the PlayStation experience, Layden went on to announce that YouTube would be hitting PS4, meaning those 150 million spectator sessions enjoyed so far will only continue to rise when Ustream and Twitch are joined by the video giant later this year.


Following on from that, Layden detailed the PlayStation Now Open Beta which will roll out to PS4 users in North America  July 31st. There are said to be over 100 games available at launch, including Dead Space 3, God Of War Accession, MGS Ground Zeroes and even Ultra Street fighter 4 – which, if they can get working lag-free, I’ll be more than impressed with.

PlayStation Now content will also be available via “selected Sony TVs”, with a DualShock pad being the only required peripheral.

Sadly, nothing has been announced for Europe, yet.



  1. No mention of PS Now for Europe or pricing, shame.

  2. Hmm, no “We sold 10 million PS4s” announcement then..

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