The Wall Street Journal Reports Titanfall 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Respected business publication The Wall Street Journal has reported that the sequel to Xbox exclusive Titanfall will be coming to PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has benefited from the Xbox-exclusive shooting game “Titanfall” from Electronic Arts Inc., which was the best-selling title of March and April in the U.S. But its follow-up game, which is in the planning stages, also will be available for the PS4, a person close to the development effort said.

EA were contacted by the WSJ to comment on the news but, as you might expect, declined to make a statement.

A month ago we heard rumours that the original Titanfall game was up and running on PlayStation 4. Before the game became Xbox exclusive Sony offered to help create a PS Vita version, but sadly it was not to be.

Back in March Polygon reported that Titanfall 2 would no longer be Xbox exclusive and EA CFO Blake Jorgensen also said the game would be multi-platform.

Source: WSJ / Polygon / Gamespot



  1. Inevitable really…

  2. Breaking news to follow…Day follows Night in not a shocker….


    Guess it’ll boil down to usual p*ssing contest…Xbox One version will either be a timed exclusive and/or have exclusive timed DLC and PS4 version will feature custom mechs/coontent/weapons etc….

    Just like all the other cross-platform, online FPS games of this generation and the last, you’ll see set groups playing Titanfall 2, others latest COD, others new BF etc etc…..

  3. Pretty much a sure bet. Don’t understand polygon saying Titanfall 2 “is no longer exclusive” never saw anything saying it was.

  4. Oh and maybe Titan Fall will be this generations Mass effect (work with me here…) MS get 1st game out on console and there’s a PC version, Sony platform gets sequel, but ends up getting the original anyway, just months after the MS platform……

    If the damn thing (original) is running on PS4, maybe we could expect to see it included in a Titan Fall 2 Uber special limited, future warfare edition on PS4 as a ‘bonus’….? Publishers/marketing love this ‘Special’ Editions with so much TAT cramned in your lucky they thought to actual put the god damn game in as well…

    • Right well this is all kinds of misinformed, mass effect 1 only released on ps3 after mass effect 3 for a start. Pa3 owners got it in the order of 2, 3, 1, though 2 had a comic book style intro into what had happened in me1.
      On top of that with titanfall being not very story lead and an online mp game it’s very doubtful they’d bother including 1 with 2.
      Your post appears unnecessarily ranty and misinformed.

  5. You forgot:…and not at all serious, as this is the internet after all and E3 has been pretty dull for myself and i’m just killing time….

    Other than that, pretty fair summary…

    I honestly could’nt quote you the exact release pattern for PS3 Mass Effects, despite being a PS3 owner, since i took my character through all 3 games, plus DLC on 360, nor could i foretell what is going to come with Titan Fall 2 on PS4, if/when it ever arrives.

    But ranty? yep, 95.578% chance my posts will be headed in that direction.Ahh, the internet, can’t live with it..can without it.

  6. Wait…we are supposed to be like all stern and straight faced with our posts on here?….

    Knickers to that……

    Anywho, angry face, as a PS3 owner, i had the Wii version of Dead Space which was a on-rails shooter, redone for PS3 bundled with Dead Space 2, a 3rd person Sci-Fi horror game so i laugh in the general direction of industry logic.If marketing think it’ll tick a boxto sell more units, they’ll put anything in with thegame they are trying to sell.

  7. Given that the first Titanfall wasn’t published by Microsoft Game Studios I think it’s not impossible for it to come to PS4 at some point and a safe bet that Titanfall 2 will be coming to PS4 at the same time as the One.

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