Jacob Jones Episode 2 Launching In July

Jacob Jones, remember him? You’d be forgiven if not – the charming point-and-click style episodic puzzler launched on PlayStation Vita and iOS last summer and, then, well, he disappeared.

Of course, developers Lucid Games aren’t the first to fall foul of later-than-expected episodic content after taking on a number of other projects – *cough* Telltale *cough* – but fear not, because nearly a year after his first outing Jacob Jones is returning to our touchscreens this July!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery Episode Two: Fieldtrip below.


If you’ve yet to play the first adventure, I’d thoroughly recommend you do so as it’s a genuinely entertaining puzzler, and best of all from midnight tonight you’ll be able to get your hands on a free prologue version from the iOS appstore. Can’t say fairer than that.

You can read our review of episode one here.



  1. I have the first episode, but glad I held off playing it as I’d probably forgotten any story carrying forward into episode two, given it’s nearly been a year. Doubt I’ll get this latest episode until there is some clarification as to how many episodes, and when they might subsequently be released.

  2. Episode 1 was a cute little distraction. But…

    Episode 2 seems to be iOS only for now. Possibly a Vita version once it’s released for iOS, but no guarantees. Focussing on iOS and they’ll “discuss other platforms” afterwards.

    • Unfortunately, you’re right. Only iOS confirmed for July at the moment – other platforms “to come” say Lucid.

    • Aww, I’d buy this if it came to Vita or Android. Guess I’ll stick to Professor Layton for my puzzle fix.

  3. Oh good.

    The first one was very cheap and unexpectedly brilliant, I’m definitely getting the second!

    • I really enjoyed the first one and I’m glad they’re finally getting around to releasing episode 2 but it has to be on Vita for me.

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