Naughty Dog Drops First Uncharted 4 Details

Following yesterday’s reveal, Sony has released its first Uncharted 4 interview via the PlayStation Blog. Featuring game directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, the pair briefly talk about the series history and how the PlayStation 4 will allow them to create set-pieces they had only dreamt of in the past.

They also discuss The Last Of Us and having to make a transition from all-out action to a game more intimate and atmospheric. They explain that, despite a change in tone, Uncharted 4 will use a number of the techniques they employed during the development of The Last Of Us.

With that said, action gameplay will remain the series’ core facet with players having a direct input in every major set-piece, just like in previous Uncharted games. Straley and Druckmann also touched on the story, mentioning that characters will be returning and how the team has aged alongside Drake.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. They better not make this too dark, but I have faith in them.

  2. Oh shut up and just take my money.

  3. Sorry for double post, but I thought I should mention there’s a full HD and 60FPS video on Naughty Dogs website.

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