Steady On! Aaron Paul Is Turning On Your Xbox One

Breaking Bad and movie hunk Aaron Paul is turning on Xbox One consoles across the country by whispering sexy talk in to the Kinect sensor.

The Need for Speed star features in the latest UK advert for the Microsoft console and near the start he clearly says “Xbox on”, the command to power up the device. “Aaron Paul just turned my Xbox One via the Xbox advert. (Which triggered the IR [infrared] blaster to switch my TV off)”  complained a UK based tech-blogger.

The staff at MCV have also experienced the problem but Microsoft have said they “had no comment at this time” regarding the advert.

Amsuingly the advert is one long promotion for Kinect, which, as the very small print reminds you, is no longer sold with the console.

“It’s disgusting,” said Gerald of Finchley, “Aaron Paul coming over here with his good looks, piles of cash and cult TV show, and then sweet talking my own Xbox and turning it on whilst I am in the same room! How is an overweight, forty year old Titanfall is gamer meant to compete with that stud muffin? Shame on you Microsoft!”*

Source: BBC

*Possibly not a real person.



  1. Didn’t they fix this issue when it started happening with the launch ads?

  2. Can anyone genuinely watch TV while playing a game? Seems like a pointless feature to my limited functioning.

  3. Can’t view at work but is this the advert that shows you all the stuff you can do with Kinect, and then says the price starts at £349 – but doesn’t indicate that Kinect isn’t included at that price?

  4. Funny that the advert shows picture in picture technology, which almost most TV’s support nowadays. I thought MS were aware of this ‘Xbox On’ problem anyway.

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