PlayStation Plus July Content For Asia Hints At Europe’s Line-Up

More often than not, the PS+ content for Asia is in-line with Europe’s update, at least for the PS4 games. July’s update has been revealed for that region, so it may reveal what could be included in ours.



Those crazy cats at FuturLab just don’t want us to buy games, do they? It appears as though Velocity 2X – the sequel to Velocity/Velocity Ultra, both versions of which were made available for free to PS+ subscribers – will be available in next month’s update, at least on PS3 and Vita. Edit: oops! It appears as though jetlag is still kicking Blair’s backside. That’s Velocity Ultra in the image, obviously. Not 2X (which we played at E3 and is certainly worth paying for when it comes out, by the way). Apologies for the slip!

Two more PS4 games are on the horizon, including Strider and Towerfall Ascension, while on the PS3 side there’s Hustle Kings and MIND=0 (I don’t know how to do that fancy symbol so you’ll just have to stick with an equals sign, okay?).

This looks like a really solid update, hopefully we’ll see confirmation for EU territories soon.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. That’s Ultra, not 2X, no?

    • yeah, we were in the process of editing that out… sorry!

      • mad editing skills there peter..
        you’ve just put a line through the text..
        love it =)

  2. So Towerfall and Strider are likely then.. but didn’t Strider get really negative reviews? Never heard of Mind 0..

    • Strider is sat at 77% on Metacritic. 36 reviews, 2/3 positive, 1/3 “mixed”. All between 60 and 90%. So no, not really negative. Not too bad at all, really.

    • Strider is good, if you like that kind of gameplay (that’s hard to find these days) but it gets a bit repetitive. I think I gave it a 7 when I reviewed it here.

      • Yes, I noticed the score from here when I just looked at Metacritic. If that was you that reviewed it, then yes, you gave it a 7.

        It kept tempting me to buy it, but now I think I’ll just wait.

      • Ah fair dues, cheers. I just remember Eurogamer saying they hated it, but if it was just them I’ll definitely have to give it a go.

  3. We had Velocity Ultra last year, didn’t we?

    Mind Zero looks vaguely interesting, but it’s not old enough. Japanese release was August last year, and we only got it at the end of May. So I doubt that’s coming for us. Plus it would lead to lots of moaning about that 70%+ metacritic rating thing Sony might just have mentioned in the past.

    Towerfall Ascension could happen, I guess. Don’t want it to. What’s the point of a multiplayer game with no online option these days? Bunch of idiots.

    Strider could amuse me though.

    And I’d expect some big PS3 game next month as well. Not a couple of PSN titles.

    So I’m both expecting and hoping that’s not what we get next month. Although the PS4 titles seem reasonably possible.

    • They seem to be ignoring the metacritic rating, as a few previous games for Vita have been sub-70 rated.

      • Yes, and look how much moaning there was when they gave us something that had 60% or something. (Which is still above average, really)

        They also ignored there other rule of the games having to be available in all EU countries. The rule they used to justify not giving us one of the Disgaea games for the Vita. Was it Disgaea 3? The US got it, we didn’t because it wasn’t available everywhere. And then they gave away something else that wasn’t available everywhere later on.

        Actually, I think Disgaea 3 got released in more countries recently, so that’s a possibility for the Vita PS+ game sometime soon, I’d guess.

    • I think you completely miss the point of what Towerfall Ascension is. It’s a couch multiplayer title, to be played with friends in the same room. The sort of game which has been left behind in the rush for online and I applaud the stance they’ve taken with it.

      • I played TA last night for 3 hours, drunk, with 2 friends. Games like that remind you what we’ve lost with the online multiplayer obsession.

      • That’s all fine & dandy, but a very valid point was raised in that if you don’t have friends that live close, then it becomes a bit of a pointless purchase (or in this case, download).

        I unfortunately am in that very situation where I have friends that live close that unfortunately don’t game. The friends I have that DO game live miles away (& in a lot of cases in different countries).

        Don’t get me wrong, I entirely understand their decision regarding making it local multiplayer, but that fact alone makes it a pointless download for an increasing number of people.

        PS plus games really & truly should be accessible to all. Games that are Local multiplayer only are unfortunately not accessible to all.

      • Replying to myself as I can’t reply to Forrest_01 directly. How is it practically any different to an RPG which RPG fans don’t want to play? It’s a fantastic title and actually has a decent single player element too.

  4. Might be true for PS4’s line up in Europe, but certainly not for Vita and PS3. Ultra was already on Vita’s IGC. Although if Hustle Kings and Velocity Ultra come to PS3 that will be the most pathetic and likely most complained about IGC update I’ve come across (no offence to the skilful guys at FuturLab). Mind zero might be interesting for Vita, but that’s about it. We’ll see this coming Wednesday I guess.

  5. No proper big titles next month, then? Not too fussed if I’m honest as I’m still playing bits from mid-2013. Would be nice to have a major PS4 game put up for free soon though, like Knack.

  6. Hmm. There’s actually more to the list of games than that image suggests!

    Looks like they get a whole bunch of games that might last a bit longer than a month. And we just get 6 each month now.

    On the other hand, they do get what appears to basically be a prostitute simulator.

  7. So surprised that Knack hasn’t been put on yet. Game bombed hard so you think they’d just say ‘fuck it’ and put it on anyway, as it was still a ‘big’ retail game at one point (I use the word big lightly here). I’m also surprised they haven’t offered Killzones multiplayer to PS4 Plus subscribers. Similar to what they did with Killzone 3. Would increase the dwindling playerbase and they could also get a fair few people buying some of the DLC.

    • Did Knack really do that badly? Review scores varied wildly, ending up with a 54% score on Metacritic. Possibly pulled down a bit by (a) random sites I’ve never heard of, and (b) multiple reviews by the same site. 5 reviews from Eurogamer? I wouldn’t even trust 1 review from them ;)

      So adjust the review scores to remove the crap sites nobody’s ever heard of, and you probably get “a bit above average”.

      Actual game sales didn’t appear too bad either. Over a million? For a new IP? On a newly released platform? Only beaten by Watch Dogs for sales for something that isn’t sequel number 48 in some long running series.

      This is quite possibly the problem these days. If it doesn’t make a billion in the first week, and doesn’t get average review scores of 90+, it’s somehow automatically a complete disaster.

      And then if it appears on PS+, some people will moan about that and demand this never happens again. Instead of just giving it a go, seeing that they might actually like it, and maybe buying some DLC or wanting a sequel that might just be a bit better.

      • Wait, Knack did over a million? Care to provide a source because I was under the impression it bombed hard sales wise. Saying that though, it was bundled with alot of PS4’s and many, MANY stores bundled the game in unofficially with the single system once they realised that demand was outstripping supply and people would do anything to get a PS4. If I remember, just as an example, Game had stand alone PS4’s for sale yet decided to do their own unofficial bundle and throw in 5 blu rays and 3 PS4 games. If you wanted a PS4 from them, that was the only way you were getting it.

        I don’t think that is the problem these days. There are many games that people hail as successful yet don’t sell a ridiculous amount or don’t even get received too well critically. It’s all about balancing budget when it comes to expectations as well, the only times that they are deemed a disaster if they get less than 90+ and sell less than say, 5 million, is when the budget is sky high and the publisher just instantly assumes that they then should be bathing in pure money and acclaim. High budget doesn’t equals amazing product, and I think that’s where the root of that problem lies. Budgets, expectations and all that shit.

        They would be better off putting it on PS+ and dealing with the moaners than not putting it on at all and just letting it die. Putting it on PS+ will give it a new lease of life and open it up to many people who never originally played it. Hell, it might spark some genuine interest in the brand amongst alot of people, and there may be potential for a sequel then. But, they won’t know this if they don’t put it on Plus. But yeah, there will be moaners if they did that, there always will be moaners no matter what. I think some people genuinely expect to get games at the quality and level of BioShock Infinite and Mass Effect 3 every month, which is fucking stupid.

      • Well, it’s hard to find real sales numbers. But a quick Google suggests it did 300k in the first weekend in Japan. Quite possibly entirely down to bundles. (In fact, it might only have sold 150 copies without the bundles)

        That was in February. Add the sales for Europe and the US at the end of last year, and it quite probably _is_ over a million.

        One potentially dubious source says 1.08m, but that might not be entirely accurate. Seems like their figures aren’t actual sales figures, but based on sales at samples of places. Which while not entirely accurate is still going to get within 10% of the real figure. (A point lost on some of it’s critics, it seems).

        So if it’s not a million, it’s probably bloody close.

        I suspect Sony may well decide to put it on PS+ at some point. The distinctly average reviews (when they claim they’re offering top quality games based on Metacritic scores) might put them off though, which would be a shame really.

        There’s also the problem of the download size. I think 32GB is bigger than any PS+ game so far. Now, while that’s not a huge problem for a lot of people, with fast connections (and the play while you download thing), it might be a bit tricky for a lot of people.

        And possibly Sony too. 8m PS4s? And 50% with PS+, maybe? 4m downloads. Minus the million that already own it. 3 million 32 gig downloads? 3 petabytes a day? Or close to 300 Gbit/s?

        Making a few guesses here (since up to date figures can be hard to find), but that could add up to 0.1% of the total internet traffic in a month. Which sounds small, but probably isn’t as insignificant as it might seem.

      • Yeah, in Japan EVERY PS4 came bundled with Knack. So take it away from the estimate and you’ve got yourself a game that sold 700,000. And even that is being optimistic from speculation and no hard data. That’s without even contemplating the Knack bundles over here and in the US, which sometimes people had to get as it was the only way to get a PS4. For a console that sold roughly a million per month for the first few months, a game that has roughly sold half a million – after deducting a rough amount of possible bundles in the West – would be deemed unsuccessful depending on the budget. If Knack was made on the cheap then I’m sure it’s okay, if it wasn’t then damn. But, it didn’t look like anything which would strain budgets so I’m sure when all is said and done, it probably did okay. Not good, not bad, but okay.

        I’m sure they’ve put some hefty sized stuff up for Plus on PS3 too. I’m sure I remember Uncharted 3’s story mode alone (which was offered on Plus) being over 20GB or something. Not quite 32, sure. But they don’t shy away from hefty downloads.

  8. A bit gutted, I own all bar one of that selection.

  9. “while on the PS3 side there’s Hustle Kings and MIND=0”
    Mind Zero is a Vita game.

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