Kingdom Under Fire II Gets An Extended Trailer, Featuring Large Monsters & Battles

Blueside has released a new trailer for Kingdom Under Fire II, a free to play title expected to launch on PS4 this summer, showing how the game will look by splicing together snippets of gameplay and some cinematic shots. The game will heavily feature large scale battles, like the one in the trailer above, with three of the playable characters also showing off their skills. The guy who decided to rain down death probably should have done so before the battle began to take out the opposing side, and not have lost an entire army.


It’s looking decent enough and, depending on how the free to play aspect is managed, could be a fun thing to play with friends. According to the game’s executive producer, Sang Youn Lee, Kingdom Under Fire II on PS4 will look better than the PC version of the game.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. So what will be better, this or Planetside 2? Place your bets!

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