Sky Go On Consoles Will Cost You An Extra £5 A Month From July 29th

If you use your console to access Sky Go, the on demand and live streaming service from Sky, on your console then you are going to have to fork out another £5 per month come August.

Subscribers will have to upgrade to “Sky Go Extra” which allows viewing on up to four devices including consoles. It was recently announced that the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One versions of the app will launch this year.


Sky have also confirmed Now TV will also make its debut on PlayStation 4 this summer.

If you use Sky Go on your tablet or Smartphone you can continue to use the service free of charge.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. If you have sky multi room then sky go extra is free. Just handy for anyone who has that already.

  2. So you can watch it on your PC and not pay any more, what it on a console and we will have another £5 off you cheers.

    Good timing with MS removing their paywall. I got rid of sky years ago in favour of freeview and Netflix, will never go back. Why pay £30 a month to watch adverts every 15 minutes.

  3. While it is a bit cheeky, the whole purpose of sky ‘go’ is for ‘on the go’, so home consoles were essentially allowing multi-room for free.

    • Yeah but sky need to get with times. If you are already paying £30 – £40 or what ever it is now for a subscription you should be allowed to watch it on whatever device you want. Multiroom usually implies that they supply you with a box so i can see the need for an extra sub.

  4. Might want to change the article which states Sky Go is coming to Xbox One. Hasn’t been announced for it yet.

  5. I was really looking forward to having this on console but not sure i’ll pay for it. I know it’s only a fiver but they make a wedge on advertising and i’m already paying a lot of money for the package I have. Come on Sony… make this free with ps plus.

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