Out This Week: Transformers, GRID Autosport, And Sniper Elite 3

Tackling the Summer drought, this week has plenty of console games in store. From anime-inspired action and motor-racing to robots in disguise, there’s likely to be something for everyone as the month of July looms ever closer.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival | 3DS | Thursday


Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn | PS3 | Friday

It’s been a while since Gundam’s hulking Mobile Suits last touched down on UK turf. That’s set to change this week, however, with the upcoming release of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn.

It’s the fourth mainline instalment in KOEI’s spin-off series, allowing players to pilot more than 120 units over the course of some classic Gundam story arcs. If you hate mechs and simply can’t stand the Warriors franchise, this one probably isn’t for you. Our full review goes live on Thursday.

GRID Autosport | PS3, 360, PC

If last year’s motor-racing sequel wasn’t enough, Codemasters is back yet again with GRID Autosport. Boasting over 100 routes scattered across 22 circuits, Autosport looks to redress some of the issues players had with GRID 2.

The in-car view is back for a start as is the series’ focus on serious championship racing. GRID Autosport is all about the cars and tournaments with players able to cycle between different driving disciplines.

One Piece Unlimited World Red | PS3, Vita, 3DS, Wii U | Friday

Sniper Elite 3 | PS3, PS4, X1, 360, PC | Friday

After the success of V2, Rebellion is back with its tactical shooter series.


Once again players will reprise the role of Karl Fairburne as he ventures to exotic warzones in North Africa. Expect sand, sun, and plenty of headshots. Keep an eye out for our review this Thursday.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark | PS3, PS4, X1, 360, 3DS, PC, Wii U | Friday

Over the past few years the Transformers license has witnessed somewhat of a revival in the gaming medium. High Moon’s War for Cybertron kicked off the trend back in 2010, proving to be a solid third person action game.


This time around things are a bit different. High Moon Studios has been swapped for Loadout developer, Edge of Reality with Rise of the Dark Spark marking the series’ debut on new generation consoles. The game also looks to combine narrative elements from both previous video games and the upcoming motion picture, Transformers: Age of Extinction.



  1. Tempted to get sniper elite but knowing how sh*t I was as a hitman, I might be a shit elite too

    • do it! you wont regret it.(if you haven’t tried the others)
      the last 2 were a good crack.
      it not sniping like in other games.really satisfying game play,especially when it goes into slow-mo and you see body parts explode.

  2. That Transformers game looks like it could do with having more birds in it. Birds of a certain emotional state, perhaps due to not being happy about something.

    I think it would be perfect if they could squeeze in some sort of Angry Transformerbirds. It’s exactly what nobody, ever, has asked for, and so would be a wonderful surprise.

  3. When will TC be reviewing Transformers?

    • I won’t be. It’s a cash in as far as I can see, and despite my attempts to get information out of the devs, they refuse to say if the next-gen versions have any improvements compared to the old gen games.

      I’m not paying £55 for a PS3 game that recycles assets from the two old Transformer games on my PS4.

      • Bte Edge of Reality have nothing about the game on their site, nothing about it on their Facebook, nothing at all. It very much looks like they were devs for hire and just did what Activision wanted and washed their hands of the game.

      • But… But… Grimlock?!

  4. It’s all about Grid for me!

    • Have to say it’s looking and sounding attractive, might still wait until there’s a few views out there if I can resist the temptation!

      • Sniper Elite 2 was a bit special, so I’ll be watching with interest peoples take on the 3rd iteration!

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