Google Bringing Android TV To The Market

Google has announced Android TV showing that the company isn’t going to abandon that entertainment space, despite the fact that Google TV failed to really make much of an impact. Android TV will be accessible through set top boxes, or built into certain televisions. It will have Chromecast built into it and will also include access to third party services like Netflix. You’ll be able to use voice commands to navigate Android TV.


Android TV will also have a rather large focus on games, and will let people play games from the Play Store on the big screen using controllers. However, there isn’t really much detail on what controllers you’d be able to use. This wouldn’t really put Android TV in competition with traditional console makers, but it will go up against the likes of Ouya and Amazon’s own Fire TV.

Source: Google



  1. Weird ad but interesting, er, service? Very good news about the chromecast features, we love our cast but it’s use is still fairly limited, wider app penetration would be wonderful.

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