TSA FIFA World Cup: Week Two Results & Fixtures

The real life World Cup is well under way in Brazil, where we’re into the final round of group games. Predictably England are already eliminated and Brazil themselves are starting to look quite dangerous now. I feel EA Sports are really missing a trick though, because if they really want to emulate football properly they need to introduce a button to bite your opponent so we can all simulate everyone’s favourite Uruguayan!

Moving on to the TSA FIFA World Cup, this week saw the first round of knockout stages take place with 16 matches due to be played. Unfortunately they’ve not yet all been played, so if you haven’t played yours, please get it done as soon as possible. We’ve had one reserve called in already, with XBLakie_ChanX replacing Muskyy who unfortunately had to back out.

Hopefully that’ll be that as far as replacements are concerned but if for any reason you can’t continue with your participation in this tournament please do let us know as soon as you can.

Below you’ll see the knockout tree which includes all results from last week and the resulting fixtures for the coming week. As noted, we are still waiting on some results to come in so if you’re waiting on a result from the previous round before you can play the next round, keep an eye on the forum page for who wins the match so you can get your game arranged with them.

As before, each tie features just one leg only, with whoever is named first playing at home and inviting the other player to the match. In the event that the first match is drawn, FIFA 14 no longer has the option for extra time and penalties in online friendlies, so you must replay the match until there is a winner.

Be sure to report your final scores in the forum thread and also use it to arrange your matches, let us know if you’re streaming, post links to videos or photos and such. The deadline for getting your results from this round reported in the forum is 6PM BST on Tuesday 1st July.

Good luck in your games!



  1. IMegatron-81 friend request has been sent to you. I’m available for most the time apart from Friday this coming week.

  2. Have been away from home for work guys, I’ll add you soon and we’ll get that done.

  3. Whoever wins between Baggyg and Chamone, don’t forget to add me for our match!

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