Iwata Re-Elected For Nintendo President Role As Mario Kart 8 Sells Two Million

At Nintendo’s 74th annual shareholders meeting, Satoru Iwata has been re-appointed as the president of the company, even with the Wii U struggling in terms of consoles sold. Alongside him, Nintendo’s directors including Shigeru Miyamoto have been re-elected as well as new candidate Naoki Mizutani being elected.

This comes in the wake of health problems for Iwata, who was not able to attend the shareholders meeting personally while recovering and also missed out on E3 due to surgery, though he is expected to return to work duties in coming weeks.


Despite the Wii U struggles, Mario Kart 8 seems to have done some magic for the system, with unit sales now picking up in the wake of the game selling two million copies in under a month. Some impressive figures, though this will have to be sustained in order for the system to keep up with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Nintendo/NStyles



  1. Good because who would you replace him with if he did not do a good enough job as President of Nintendo Japan, some Yank who only cares about shooters and grey graphics? An *Yoshi* who nickel and dimes everyone of their hard earned cash.

  2. Nice to see they’ve kept him on. Nintendo don’t seem to just get rid of people when things get tough – I like that.

    Hardly surprising MK8 is performing well, its a series everyone knows. Hell, I came home from work Thursday and my Wife was unboxing a MK8 bundle in our living room after randomly swapping her PS4 for it at GAME, lol :)

  3. Now make more awesome and me to buy a Wii U without question.

    I need XenoBlade Chronicles X dammit.

  4. I also need XenoBlade Chronicles 1 as well as the numerous J-R.P.Gs on Nintendo platforms.

  5. I guess I have social life seeing as I am playing a lot of games at the monment and my backlog has reached well over the 50+ mark. So wish me luck guys I need it if I am ever to bet through that backlog.

  6. Also on top of that I have a gaming company to start up so I have no time for a social life whatsoever.


    Replacing Iwata may have caused more harm than good, so I respect this decision.

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