YouTube Offering 60FPS Support For Game Videos Soon

Although YouTube remains king in terms of video uploading and distribution, it had previously been stuck to 30 frames per second, meaning that any time a new trailer was shown, you wouldn’t get the full experience, with many game publishers turning to alternative methods to distribute 60FPS videos.


This has also been a problem for publications eager to show the difference between 30 and 60FPS gameplay, often using specialist software to compare the two.

But soon, YouTube will allow for up to 60FPS uploads, which means that publishers and publications alike will be able to squeeze the most out of the videos they upload. It’s not ideal, as we can still expect the YouTube videos to be heavily compressed compared to direct downloads, but it’s definitely a step forward and an important thing for gaming in particular, as well as animation and other industries.

YouTube have uploaded a few examples to a channel of their own, showing both Battlefield Hardline and Titanfall at 60FPS. You can see the Titanfall video below, let us know what you think and if you can see a difference.

Source: YouTube Creators



  1. Very good, I can see this getting a lot of use by gaming media… And the next Hobbit trailer.

  2. Yet they still flag up gameplay videos uploaded from normal users. Go and do one Youtube!

  3. Digital foundry will be over the moon :)

    I could tell the difference straight away, even though it struggled on my ageing laptop.

  4. About time!


  5. Youtube could already play 60fps, if you put the play speed to 2x on the html5 player then the video played back at 60fps (Albeit twice as fast). Some people even rendered videos at half speed so it could be played at 60fps at normal speed on youtube. It was just an arbitrary upload limit to keep down filesizes

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