Afro Samurai Sequel Slashing Its Way To PS4, Xbox One & PC

Published Versus Evil has announced that a sequel to Afro Samurai is in development for PS4, Xbox One & PC. The game is being developed by Redacted Studios, and will include an original storyline as well as new characters. There will also be a major focus on improved combat, including special moves and combos, over the original game. The first Afro Samurai did receive some mixed reviews, and managed to sell approximately 420,000 units.

Versus Evil also announced it would be publishing Kyn on PC.  Steve Escalante, GM of Versus Evil issued a small statement.


“Working with independent studios is truly rewarding and we couldn’t be happier to add Redacted Studios and Tangrin to a growing list of top indie studios. Afro Samurai and Kyn are two excellent and promising titles that we are privileged to be publishing. The talent present within these studios is simply amazing and we are really excited to work with them to bring these games to the market.”

There’s very little information over than the developer on Afro Samurai 2, but more news will be released over the next few months.

Source: Versus Evil


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  1. From an anime stand point:

    Samurai Champloo > Afro Samurai

    (but Trigun rules them all)

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