Team17 Brings Sheltered Into Its Publishing Program

Team17 has announced that it will be bringing post apocalyptic survival sim title, Sheltered, to PC and other consoles in 2015. The game  is being developed by Unicube and has raised over £19,000 on its Kickstarter, higher than the initial funding goal of £15,000. It only took 48 hours for Team17 and Unicube to reach a publishing agreement. The game itself won’t be a graphical monster, instead relying on simpler graphics, with the gameplay of surviving a nuclear wasteland taking centre stage.

According to Kickstarter both PC and OUYA stretch goals have been met, with funding not far off from a tablet and a new gen console release. In Sheltered players will manage a family who managed to survive nuclear war in an underground bunker, and will have to ration supplies as well as face various choices as the game progresses, including what to do when struggling survivors come close to discovering you.

Source: PR/Kickstarter

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  1. There’s a PS4 version if it hits 23K. If you want to play a game that looks like a Vic 20 title on your £400 next gen console, that is.

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