Woolfe – The Redhood Diaries Trailer Shows Red Is Out For Revenge

GRIN has released a new gameplay trailer for Woolfe – The Redhood Diaries, which was first revealed as part of the [email protected] showreel during Microsoft’s E3 conference. The trailer shows a new take on the classic Red Riding Hood tale, but it doesn’t look like The Woodsman will be required this time. Instead Red is out for revenge after her father was killed in an accident, though she doesn’t believe that story is true.


Armed with an axe she travels to the place where her father died, and is confronted by lots of wood soldier who seem keen to keep her from realising the truth. It looks like it could be a fun and twisted take on the character, though the trailer did appear to have some frame rate issues. Those should be ironed out by release, which is set for 2015 on PC and consoles. If you’re going to Gamescom you’ll be able to have a play with Woolfe- The Redhood Diaries, and partake in a high score challenge for prizes.

Source: PR/Youtube



  1. The side scrolling bits look good, but the other parts such as the enemy design and combat need some work still I think.

  2. Wow, I nearly thought they had resurrected the old Grin but this looks like a new company in Belgium…
    Concept and design looks good but the animation and gameplay looks like something from old PS2 games.

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