Escape Dead Island Announced, Explores Events Between One & Two

Deep Silver has announced a new entry to its zombie franchise with Escape Dead Island, a game that will link Dead Island & Dead Island 2. The game will explore where the virus came from and will cast the player as Cliff Calo, a son of an extremely rich media company owner, who sets out to discover what led to the outbreak of zombies in Banoi. However, the game itself will take place on a new island called Narapela.


Rather than being a straight forward story players will experience Cliff having a breakdown, and as the game goes on it will be harder to determine what is fantasy and what is real in his world. The game’s visuals have the look of a comic, similar to the Borderlands titles, and that design has been chosen to go with the surreal situation Escape Dead Island puts players in. It’s releasing this Autumn on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I like the new style. If it’s not co-op I’m hoping the single player campaign is hugely enjoyable. If that’s the case, count me in from the the moment it comes out (on the PC).

  2. Sounds good. £10 says the character is a zombie by the end of the game though and that’s part of the breakdown, he’s just blocking it out.

    • I suspect you could be right.

      I like the idea of the fucked-up bits during the characters’ breakdown, and I do love this art style, but for I think it looks rather poor, and given the many bugs the Dead Island games have had, I’m not sure I’d pick this up. And the story was never one of Dead Islands’ strong points.

      Is it a PSN or disc game?

  3. Not sure I like the look of this – Looks like Dead Island, but… Weird.

    For me Dead Island isn’t this – It was the engine that they used for the first one & riptide, warts ‘n’ all.

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