OUYA Offering Limited 12 Month Pass To Access Entire Games Library For $59.99

OUYA has revealed a new promotion for its tiny console allowing a limited number of owners to access the entire games library for $59.99, which equates to approximately £35. This pass is valid for 12 months and will users select any game they want to play for no extra cost. Basically the company appears to be testing the waters for a subscription based future for its products. However, when this idea was made public a lot of developers were caught by surprise as they had not been consulted about the plans.

It led to quite a few questions and concerns, the majority of which asked how the game developers were supposed to make any money from their titles.  Developer Rob Fearon, who has made games like Death Ray Manta & Synso, posted a screenshot on Twitter of the email OUYA sent devs after the announcement was made.

In the email OUYA basically say that if a game is played by someone with the pass then the developer will still get their share of the money. You have to wonder how much of a sustainable business model this is since the console hasn’t had the huge impact the company wanted, and recently it was announced that OUYA would be available on other devices as software. Whether this experiment will have the desired outcome for OUYA is something we’ll find out about in the near future.

Source: DigitalSpy/Twitter


  1. Not a damn clue but all of the best to them. The Ouya has been a failure of quite some proportion and it never, ever made sense to me from the announcement of its intention.

  2. That’s a pretty good price for 12 months access to the whole library, especially if it includes all games that will be released in the year.

  3. Stinks of desperation

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