Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer Confirms Closure On Twitter

After a decade of making games, Airtight Games, the developer behind Murdered: Soul Suspect has unfortunately had to close their doors for the last time. Following Geekwire’s reporting of an office sale and notice of closure that we posted about yesterday, Airtight took to Twitter to announce the news, expressing their thanks to everyone that was part of or who supported the studio over the year.


Though they had a couple of high points, such as the well received Quantum Conundrum when Portal designer Kim Swift was at the studio, it would seem that the poor performance of Murdered: Soul Suspect was the reason for their demise. The game saw middling to poor review scores across the board and, though it managed to reach 3rd in the UK charts during its launch week, fell out of the top 10 quite quickly.

As ever, the news of a game studio closing down is sad to hear, and we wish all of those who worked there luck in finding new employment.


  1. Shame to hear.

    Whilst on a similar subject… Has anyone heard any news on that PS4 remote control car type game ‘Ready To Run’?
    That was supposed to be released about a month ago & I haven’t heard anything. Hope that’s not being discontinued or something, I was looking forward to it for a bit of a change.

    • I’ve asked.

      • Cheers dude.

      • Developers say “Exciting news coming soon”. So guess it’s been delayed a bit rather than vanished.

      • Unless the exciting news is “It’s cancelled”! ;)

      • The fact that developers seem to always get away with it… The next time I miss a deadline at work, then clients phone me up & hassle me 2 weeks later, I’m going to just simply respond with “exciting news coming soon”.

    • Thanks guys for the interest, we are alive and working hard to deliver ready to run.
      Unfortunately, there are some issues we facing mostly technical: we using bitsquid tech which was purchased by auto desk, we waiting them implement some things that we need. That’s why we have more than one title in production (also uses bitsquid) but we have evening already implemented for that game. It’s in internal QA now and we about to announce it very soon.

  2. Ugh! Prior to the latest release I’d only heard of one of those games and didn’t buy that either. I appreciate I can’t stay on top of every announcement but it sounds like they didn’t have the talent required to make anything top drawer. A genuine shame.

  3. I’ve just read this (as a comment on the news on a different site). Stunning reply! Hahahaha.

    “I wonder if the dead developer will come back as a ghost to solve its own demise.”

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