What We Played #163: Wolfenstein, UFC & The Last Of Us

After an excessively long few days at work I will take the easy way out and spare you from my poor excuse for humour. Instead you’ll get the, mostly, unedited words straight from the team. At least I’m not the only one having a busy week as all Stefan had to say was:

I’ve not really played all that much this week, so you ought to skip by me. :)

So if you see him out on the street remember to skip as you go past. That means no flouncing, bounding, jaunting, strolling, jogging or silly walks of any kind. Just skipping. Not one to be left out, Blair has also partaken of non-gaming pastimes this week:

In this week’s edition of “What has Blair done that isn’t playing a game”, I’ve moved house. So there’s been a lot of assembling furniture, unpacking and endlessly sorting things out.

But I’ve played games! I played Papers, Please which has a surprisingly involving storyline – there’s some really hard stuff in there, even though it’s just approving or denying papers.

Wolfenstein has also seen some game time, I’ve just got to the 60s and while it’s good, it seems very stealth focused and I just want to dual wield assault rifles and kill some Nazis.

Meanwhile having brought the sun back from Gran Canaria with him Dom would like to point out that he did holiday on holiday and it wasn’t just somewhere else to video game as some might have suggested:


This week having returned from holiday (which I would like to point out I did see a lot of the sun and swim too, a 3DS was just a good replacement for a book by the pool – though I read the new Terry Pratchett as well) I’m still finishing off Fire Emblem for the second time, and I’m within spitting distance of the end.

I took advantage of being able to use my Dualshock 4 with the PS3 by finally finishing Uncharted 3, which whilst hardly a bad game, still felt like the weakest entry – looking forward to 4 though when it arrives next year.

Finally I’ve been concluding my play through of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil for my review which will be appearing soon!

Aran has got my thinking about how neatly you might be able to stack small rodents before their fidgeting and inherent squishiness become a problem. I can’t imagine it ends well.

This week it was a bit of UFC and Mousecraft. Can’t say much about Mousecraft as the embargo hasn’t lifted. Just imagine Lemmings mixed with Tetris. Other than that I played a bit of UFC and have maxed out my single player fighter already. It’s just title defence after title defence now.

Which just leaves Jim to help make this post a respectable length:

To kick off the week I finally finished my Survivor run on The Last Of Us, bagging myself the coveted platinum trophy. In fairness, it was no way near as tough as I thought it might be though the constant scarcity of ammunition and supplies meant that I often relied on stealth kills to see me through.

After that I hit a bit of weird patch and really didn’t know what to play, even with the Steam sale in full swing. In the end I settled for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD for the PlayStation 3. I remember picking it up in a sale not long ago and had already missed it on PSP.

Wanting to fill that particular gap in the MGS timeline, I’ve been pumping away a good few hours here and there. It’s a solid addition to the series overall. The gameplay is little awkward compared to Guns of the Patriots yet the Mother Base/soldier recruiting makes Peace Walker stupidly addictive.

Aside from that I’ve also been grappling with another timesink, this time in the form of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS. Like Peace Walker, it’s another PSP port, and actually holds up well even with touchscreen controls. I’ve just started playing online with other hunters – a feature missing from all handheld entries in the series. Though the occasional noob can completely ruin a mission, it’s still fun to relive such a classic.

Now I don’t know about you but for me at the moment it feels like when I do get some gaming time I am just treading water whilst I wait impatiently for No Man’s Sky and beyond that Star Citizen. You may spot a bit of a theme there…

So let me know in the comments what you’re playing and what you’re most eagerly waiting for.



  1. I havent played anything. Boo.

  2. A relatively mixed bag this week.
    Played through Another World on PS4 (100%ed) and Sacra Terra on PS3 (also 100%ed).
    Also played some Grid Autosport and had a quick look at Vessel.
    Picked up UFC for PS4 as I had some trade-in credit going to waste and there’s not much else out that I either don’t already have or have any interest in.
    Some Skate 2 and RDR multiplayer to help some fellow TSA’ers get some trophies.
    Some more Mario Golf on 3DS and, last but not least, started playing through Guacamelee STCE on PS4 last night.

    • I picked up Guacamelee STCE too – Haven’t finished it on PS3 (still stuck on that damn Javier), but I felt it was worth the little upgrade price they were charging.

      Bizarrely, the price was £2.96 with the plus discount. I had exactly £2.96 in my wallet.

      Spooky huh?

      • Javier Jaguar is a tricky boss as he can be quite unpredictable sometimes. Your best bet is to take your time and make liberal use of your dodge roll.
        It’s well worth the £2.96 upgrade as you get the dlc costumes and challenges as well as new areas of the map and then new Intenso ability.
        Very spooky that you just happened to have that amount in your wallet though.

  3. After finishing inFamous last week, it’s been back on Watch Dogs for a little bit but then a surprise blast back on XCOM. Not sure what brought that on but can’t beat some cruel XCOM strategy!

  4. Jim, you hit the nail on the head, collecting soldiers in Peace Walker is horrendously addictive! The game shone on the PSP but is still a good conversion, hope you enjoy it, and you should definitely complete the epilogue style missions.

    I’ve got a PS4 this morning, yay! Had to leave work immediately after it was finished updating so haven’t played on it yet, boo :(

  5. You didn’t skip me. That was really mean. :(

  6. Been a light week for me. Managed a bit of emulated gaming on my phone during work lunch hours and on the commute (kept forgetting to charge Vita and 3DS so it had to suffice). Got some Football Manager 2014 in at home, winning the Champions League with Levante somehow. Finally, bit of Mario Kart 8 when some friends came around. Other than that, not had time for much. Should get some time soon though to go through and beat Wolfenstein having bought it in the Steam sale, and might see if I can get on with my massive PS Plus backlog (I’ll probably just keep replaying Bioshock Infinite though…).

  7. Mainly Wii-U gaming for me this week. Playing through Wind Waker for the first time ever, which is proving to be an absolute joy. I’ve also dabbled a bit more in Mario Kart and still very much enjoying that.

    Other than that, I downloaded Guacamelee for free on X1. What a game.

  8. Just Ghosts MP and Extinction this week. Getting some MP action in before I’m largely offline for a couple of months between house moves. Still, looking on the bright side at least it’ll give me opportunity to work on my SP backlog!

  9. This week I’ve played a bit more watchdogs and putty squad,which I am really enjoying!
    Though I had a fright when my ps4 spat out a disc mid game,and then wouldn’t let me put any discs in!
    So I searched online,and found I had to take the case off the side and twiddle a screw,which fixed the problem! Panic over! :-)

  10. I started off the week platting the awful Lego Harry Potter years 5-8 on Vita. I’ve had a bit of a go on Ratchet and Clank trilogy, Watch dogs, Doki doki universe and few others that I can’t remember.

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