Live On The Edge Of Titanfall’s New DLC Called Frontier’s Edge

Respawn Entertainment has announced the second DLC pack for Titanfall, and it’s called Frontier’s Edge. It will bring three new maps to the game and they’re called Dig Site, Haven, and Export. The first map places players on a mining oupost, while in Haven your Titans can relax and shoot in an abandoned beach resort, though I don’t think they’re based on the UK holiday park of the same name. The final map is another mining hub but this time on the side of a mountain.


You can get the Season Pass for £19.99/$24.99 or the map pack solo when it releases for £7.99/$9.99.

Source: Respawn 


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  1. I’ve not read anything about this but, based upon the previous outing from the good people who now make up Respawn, are there any issues with players hacking the game on console and just plain old cheating?

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