Microsoft Offering $75 To ‘Select Customers’ for Xbox One Upgrade

If you’re just about ready to pick up an Xbox One and currently own an Xbox 360, you might want to check the 360’s dashboard for Microsoft’s latest upgrade offer. The offer says it’s for a $75 credit to your Xbox account for buying an Xbox One and activating it via Xbox Live by July 31st. Folks in the UK and Canada have also reported seeing the offer although we’re not certain of the promotional code’s value in these countries. Still, Microsoft has confirmed to Eurogamer that the offer is valid in those regions.

But like any good deal, there’s a catch. In order to receive the credit, you must be one of a select group. What that select group entails and what Microsoft means by “one of our very best customers” is unclear, but it’s probably worth checking as several users have reported seeing the offer on their Xbox 360 dashboard. At this time, it seems that only those who see the offer on the dashboard are eligible.


Check below for all the information and let us know if you see it on your Xbox 360.

Xbox Upgrade

Xbox Upgrade 2

Source: NeoGaf via Eurogamer



  1. Paying people to buy their product? Really?

    • That was exactly my reaction when I read the headline. Seems quite sad to me.

    • Hardly. It’s a reward programme that is PROMOTIONAL. If you see that as paying people, fine, but there’s a shitload of other companies who do the same thing. Last I saw, it said $75 Xbox Live credit, not $500 cash to buy the console.

      • However you wanna cut it. Microsoft are offering 75 bucks to buy their product.

        In my book, that’s paying people to buy your product.

  2. Haven’t their most loyal customers already bought an Xbone, and to add insult to injury they had to buy a kinect too.

  3. This won’t go down well. For starters their “best customers” are the ones who have already upgraded. They’ll basically be offering it to the biggest spenders who haven’t got an X1.

    • I was thinking this too. Surely it’s just best to offer a blanket upgrade price for 360 owners even though it wouldn’t be as good as £75, I feel. An incentive is still an incentive… especially if you integrate it with the 360’s dashboard and make them feel all special and “chosen”.

  4. Why not just offer a guaranteed $75 trade in for a 360? MS can put some recycling spin on it if they like.

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