The Heavenly Sword Movie Descends To Store Shelves On September 2nd

The Heavenly Sword movie finally has a release date, and it will be landing directly in shops on DVD & Blu Ray, as well digitally on September 2nd. Anna Torv, who appeared in the game and later went to star in Fringe, is back to reprise her role as Nariko. You also have Thomas Jane, from  the 2004 Punisher movie as well as the recent Hustlers movie, taking the role of Loki. Alfred Molina, aka Doc Ock from Spider Man 2, lends his voice talent for the character Bohan.

The movie looks like it will be full of action and the acting sounds good, though some of the scenes did look a little off. Still it could be a decent watch when it releases.

Source: Youtube


  1. Loved the game. I’ll give it a watch.

  2. Graphics aren’t too hot, but otherwise it seems decent enough. Hopefully there’s a remaster in the works, many people (most importantly me) missed out on the game.

  3. I think this was always destined for Straight to DVD. It doesn’t really look any better than the game cut scenes.

  4. I hope Sony aim higher with the Ratchet and Clank Movie

  5. Gosh, I recall this coming out early in the PS3 lifecycle. Time’s slipped by at an alarming rate.

  6. What was the budget for this? A fiver?

    • “Imma need about tree fiddy”

  7. I would have preferred to hear that they were releasing the movie to coincide with a new Heavenly Sword game.

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