The Latest PS4 Special Edition Console Goes A Bit Frozen

In today’s edition of unexpected news Sony has announced a new special edition PlayStation 4 console for Japan. It doesn’t feature any of Sony’s main game characters or in fact anything related to Sony’s gaming division. Nope, Sony has decided to appeal to the legions of Frozen fans, with a console that has Anna & Elsa lasered into the body of the console.



If you really want a PS4 and are fan of the movie then you may want to import this, though you won’t get a copy of the film. The console is being priced at 42,980 yen without tax included. That is roughly £280 so cheaper than buying one new here, though import charges would likely rack up fairly quickly. The console will be releasing next week on July 16th.

Source: Gematsu



  1. This would have been so much better if it was actually made out of ice.

  2. Why isn’t this in white??? You could stick a carrot on the other side to make your own Olaf….

  3. Want.

  4. I understand that some people don’t like the colour scheme and think that white and blue would have been more appropriate. Me? I think that they should let it go, the gold doesn’t bother me anyway.

    • I’ll get your coat ;)

      • Don’t need a coat. The cold doesn’t bother me…

        OK, OK, i’m going…

    • Well I laughed. Inside.

  5. and of course it only looks good in vertical position.
    pointless in horizontal because the image would be sideways.

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