Ubisoft Recap What We Know About The Division

Although no one was thrilled with the recent news that Ubisoft’s The Division was pushed back to 2015, what we have seen of the game certainly looks promising. Ubisoft just released a video recapping all of the information they revealed at E3, as well as showing us a variety of cinematic footage interspersed with gameplay.

So if you’ve been wondering what the game is all about, here’s your chance to catch up on everything they’ve shown so far. Ubisoft say it’ll be ready for release in late 2015.

Source: CVG



  1. Is anyone really going to care by the time this game comes out? I’ve got passed caring now and the thing is still over a year away! With R6 out in 2015 as well as Assassins I can easily see Ubisoft pushing the game back to 2016

  2. I had to watch with subtitles on, so I can’t be sure, but at any point did they mention that the footage was just a “vertical slice”, at that the finished game wouldn’t look much like it? While the end product may well be excellent in it’s own right, I’m finding it really hard to care much for the game right now – as with a lot of what was shown at E3 – it all seems misleading from publishers like Ubisoft and EA, teasing us with flashy trailers and demonstrations for a thing that the public can’t actually buy. It’s not even as if the end product is terrible – take Watch Dogs for example – lovely looking game, just not the same one teased to the public!

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