VizionEck Gameplay Trailer Shows Cubes Squaring Off

Michael Armbrust, developer behind VizionEck, has released the first gameplay trailer for the rather bizarre looking first person shooter. Each player controls a cube to traverse the various areas of the stages, and each gets a choice of four different weapons that have their strengths and weaknesses. These weapons are represented by a second cube, called the Charge block, that sits on top of the player, and the type is indicated by the colour.


The white cube has a short burst damage capacity as well as mid range firing ability, while the green weapon is more of a rapid fire type whose damage capability adds up quickly. The red weapon is essentially a grenade that explodes on impact, and the blue weapon is like a boomerang. If you miss an enemy the shot will come back and destroy you. You can also self destruct in certain situations.

In the levels there are different coloured areas, following the same pattern as the weapons. The white surfaces are regular, green allows you move along that surface, though on the ground it acts like a bounce pad. Blue changes gravity so walls become the floor and the ceilings become transparent areas. Red areas do not allow any jumping. VisionEck does look like it would need a bit of time getting used to.

VisionEck will launch exclusively on PS4 later this year.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Interesting concept, probably won’t appeal to everyone but i have a feeling the gameplay is much more straightforward, albeit tactical once you start playing it.

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