Deadfall Adventures: Heart Of Atlantis Bringing Pyramid Plundering To PS3

Back in November last year a game called Deadfall Adventures was released on Xbox 360 and PC, allowing players to plunder tombs and face various monsters in first person. The title was developed by The Farm 51 and published by Nordic Games. The game didn’t gain huge amounts of attention and received some rather average reviews back then. Now a version of the game, with added Heart Of Atlantis subtitle, will be releasing on PS3 this summer.


The story follows James Lee Quartermain as he goes to Egypt to find the Heart of Atlantis. It’s set in 1938 just before World War II and will have him facing off against Nazi and Russian forces who also want the treasure. The game has been heavily inspired by the stories of the character Allan Quartermain, and Indiana Jones. The trailer also seems to take a few inspirations from Naughty Dogs’ Uncharted series.

There isn’t a firm release date but the game will release this summer.

Source: Facebook/PR