Killing Isn’t Required In Alien: Isolation

I honestly can’t remember the last console game I played that didn’t require the death or destruction of many enemies, so when word hits the web that a highly-touted game doesn’t require any killing at all, it turns my head. Particularly when it’s a game like Alien: Isolation, a game that looks like a perfect home for big guns and loads of player-initiated carnage.

That’s apparently not the case, according GamesTM, who recently spoke with Alien: Isolation’s Lead Designer, Gary Napper. On the idea of not having endless enemies to murder and people possibly getting bored, here’s what Napper had to say.


You can get through the entire game without killing someone. It’s something that was, not so much a challenge, but something I felt was what the character would do. We’re talking about a member of the Ripley family – they’re not like characters in games that gun down civilians because they’re in the way to get to the switch.

I think the thing we face mostly on this is when we explain the core idea of ‘It’s you versus the alien’, people go ‘that’ll be amazing! But I’m going to be bored after three hours’…

If you can extrapolate from at the beginning having nothing and it’s just you hiding from the alien, to come up to what [we’ve shown so far] – and then extend that out for another while – there’s actually a hell of a lot we do with the game that’s really interesting. And obviously we like to mix it up a bit as well.

In an industry obsessed with shooting things in the face or blasting things into a thousand pieces, Alien: Isolation sounds like it could be a breath of fresh air. If our recent preview is any indication, it’ll probably be a suspenseful breath.

Source: GamesTM via NeoGaf



  1. Nice to see a game that could incorporate killing going in a totally different direction. I love the Alien films so I think this one is a definite purchase for me!

  2. Sounds like you might be able to escape then.

  3. The best games I’ve played recently (e.g. Outlast) or during the previous generation (e.g. Mirror’s Edge) were not about killing, so that sounds very good to me.
    However, usually these games face problems with the average critical reception, so it’s quite a brave move.
    I’m still sceptical for an Alien game in general, but will keep an eye on that one for sure.

  4. This is shaping up to be the best ever, in all the solar systems, Alien game! Can not wait to play this.

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