Motiga Unveils Its Gigantic PC Exclusive Title, Alpha Sign Ups Open

Motiga, a studio comprised of devs that have worked on many major games, has revealed its first title in the form of Gigantic. It’s a PC exclusive title that is set to release in 2015 and focuses on team work to win. There are teams of five that are accompanied by gigantic guardian, and this creature must be protected while it wreaks havoc upon the enemy team and guardian. It looks very colourful and could be a rather fun combat game.

The official site states that physics based abilities will let you use the environment to get around, and allow you to move rather quickly to dodge enemy attacks as well as navigate the environments. Abilities will also be upgradeable during play so you can unleash fresh attacks which might outdo an enemies. You can sign up to take part in Gigantic’s Alpha through here, which just requires your email address.

Source: GoGigantic


  1. Another new take on the MOBA genre, huh? Looks very nice, but no console, no play.

  2. Loving that art style but whether it will shift me DOTA 2 seems unlikely.

    • Agreed about the art style. That is truly wonderful and will be a joy to see in motion, I’m sure. Wow.

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