TSA FIFA World Cup: Semi-Final Results

The real World Cup might be done and dusted, with Germany rather deserving victors in the end, but here on TSA we’ve still got on final week of games to play before we’re done. This week, it’s time to take a look at the semi-finals, see who progressed into the finals and who will be playing for bronze medals.

Coming out of the quarter-finals, we had two tasty match ups to enjoy. PILLAI7 was going to take his France team up against LegendishThingy’s dark Austrian horses, while XBLakie_ChanX was enjoying a good run with Greece but faced YungJones’ Cameroon, in a rematch from the FIFA Ultimate Team final.

Alas, LegendishThingy’s luck ran out, having strung together a good series of results to bring Austria so far in the tournament. A simple ball over the top set things in motion, as PILLAI7 was able to use his attacking pace to score three goals before half time. Grabbing one back just after the break, the Austrians went on an all out offensive, but was again caught out as the French counter-attacked and grabbed a fourth and final goal. The final score saw France through, 4-1.

Next up, the grudge match, and with a likely looking advantage to XBLakie, as his Greek team sat 12th in the world rankings compared to Cameroon’s 56th spot. The goals came thick and fast though, with an average of 1 every 10 game minutes, which by my rough calculations means that every goal was scored directly from kick off (my maths here is terrible). Regardless, the game went end to end time and again, but YungJones prevailed as he always seems to do, with a staggering 6-3 victory.

As such, the final will be as follows:

  • YungJones (Cameroon) Vs PILLA17 (France)

And the 3rd place match will be between:

  • XBLakie_ChanX (Greece)Vs LegendishThingy (Austria)

Good luck to the remaining players, and my thanks to Tony for putting together another fab competition. Here’s hoping to another pair of cracking matches to round off the tournament.

To round things off, you can check out how the tournament has progressed with the tournament trees below, and we’ll see you next week for the final results post!

Semi-finals results:


And just to quickly recap the tournament so far, the two tables of results from last week:

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  1. Thanks tef for writing this up in my absence. Good luck guys in the remaining matches!

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